About Us

Malou was conventionally a nickname for a traditional Danish girl named Marie-Louise but has since evolved to become a popular first name in Denmark. The name ‘Malou’ has been depicted from this, chosen to represent that our products are 100% made in Denmark, known as the country where the happiest people in the world live and also known to have one of the toughest consumer regulations. This has led to better and most supreme quality of products produced and sold in Denmark.

Our mission is to bring the very same high quality standard to Asia and give parents a guarantee through certifications of our products. A trust in what we write outside our bottles is also what is inside. We asked two well-known and recognized organizations: ECOCERT (France) and Asthma & Allergy Denmark, each with great expertise within their field, to inspect the production site, raw materials, ingredients, packaging and more to meet their quality standards. Read more about Certifications.

You can be sure all Malou products are produced in clean and controlled environment in Denmark by specialists with over 36 years’ experience of making organic and allergy-friendly skin care products. The products are not only ideal for use by people with sensitive skin or have skin allergy, they are suitable for all who want to avoid and limit their exposure to harmful chemicals.

Simply natural, no colourants, no parabens and no perfume – that’s what Malou is about!